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Snip Snip

20 Nov

I’ve always had a rather complicated relationship with my hair, as has been documented many times over in this blog and elsewhere. In the entirety of my life, between the many haircuts I’ve had, products I’ve tested, headbands and fancy hair clips and baseball hats I’ve donned, I’ve rarely looked at my hair and said “Wow, that’s nice.” Lately, I’ve been on a bit of an upswing, because I discovered the joys of a hairdryer, and seem to have finally figured out the virtues of a round brush! But as always, said virtues only last so long, until there’s that horrible week when you realize the inevitable has arrived: you need a haircut.

There are few things in life I both abhor and look forward to with the same fervor as getting my haircut. On the one hand, I usually wait so long to get it done that my hair has worked itself into a frizzy, flat mess I can’t wait to chop off. On the other, there is the 100% certainty I will look at myself after and feel an overwhelming sense of regret. And this is because I can never just get my hair trimmed. I always feel like I need to get my money’s worth, so instead ask for “a new look.” And there is a 100% certainty this “new look” will look hideous and I will cry.

So yesterday, I mustered up every ounce of self-control I could find, stared myself down in the mirror and repeated my mantra over and over: No bangs. No bangs. DO NOT GET BANGS. So when the hairdresser sat me down and asked what I wanted done, and the first thing out of my mouth was “I think I want to try some blunt bangs,” I knew I was in for trouble. But as she came closer, the gleaming tips of her scissors poised right above my eyebrows, a shred of sense crept back into my brain. “Wait!” I said, mild hysteria lodged in the back of my throat. “No. Bangs.” I forced out. “I don’t want bangs! They will not look the way I am envisioning them in my head! STAY STRONG AND BACK AWAY WITH THE SCISSORS.”

Well obviously the hairdresser was a bit flummoxed and did in fact back away. Then we worked through it and I now have a sassy little cut that has yet to move me to despair! Yes, it’s a little shorter than I may have wanted, but it’s flipping out just so and looks quite lovely! Could this be a first?!?! …Check in with me tomorrow.


A Miracle Has Occurred

7 Sep

Ah, the end of the week! How is it possible that I’m already ready for a break? Obviously it’s going to take more than four days to get back into work mode–all of the motivation I had on Tuesday morning was promptly replaced Tuesday afternoon with the desire to go and eat an ice cream cone and vedge out in the sun. Of course, I did both of these things.

Despite the fact that this week was a bit of a let-down on several levels, my beachy vibes were scoring me compliments all over the place! My tan, my new dress–I was just basking in the glow of my own vanity!  And then–incredibly–someone complimented me on my hair. Yes. This actually happened.

Can we just ruminate on this for a second? SOMEONE GAVE ME A COMPLIMENT ON MY COIF. Usually, the only people who ever say anything nice about my hair are my sister, while trying to talk me off the ledge and wrangle the scissors out of my hand before I cut stress-bangs; and my mom, who really doesn’t have a choice. But this person was a coworker, someone who probably doesn’t have any idea the trauma and angst this head of hair has caused me. How were they to know this passing compliment would elevate my week from a crummy 4 to a solid 7?!

I have honestly considered taking another vacation, just so I can come back and get another compliment about my tresses. Seems a little extreme, yes, but that was a one-in-a-million opportunity! Literally….for the next one million years, I will not get another compliment like that. So…where are we headed???