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Vanilla Latte with a Drizzle of Peer Pressure Please!

15 Feb

This is shaping up to be another busy week! We are working on a tribute special for the late, great Whitney Houston, so I’ve spent the last few days lip syncing to “I will Always Love You” and “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” while doing my work. I’ve worked out some pretty sophisticated   choreography,  in case anyone is interested…

Weeks like this are pretty stressful, because everything is sort of hanging in the balance until the last possible moment. No one really goes outside or leaves the office at all during the day, in case something important happens! The one acceptable location to take a five-minute breather is the Starbucks across the street, which goes against every grain of my frugal fiber. But when everyone is heading over there, and it’s an opportunity for a little chit-chat and office gossip, what can I say! I get lured in by the tantalizing taste of peer pressure and end up dropping four bucks on a thimble of cappuccino!

I’ve been able to resist the 3 times so far today that someone has asked me if I want to get a coffee…my wallet is thanking me but my social status isn’t! Plus, it’s only Wednesday! And with the next two days looking like they will be clocking in at the double digits, the probability that I will be dropping some serious coin on caffeine is pretty probable! O well, the overtime pay I’m making will at least make a dent in my growing coffee bean debt!