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Triple Fresh

2 Jul

Yesterday was not only the first day of the week, but also of the month, and then also the first day of the second half of the year! Talk about a fresh start! I’ve always loved Sundays, because it’s like pressing the reset button and starting fresh. Sunday nights I sit down and plot out my week, all in the hopes of finally reaching some organizational nirvana, where my outfits are pre-planned and my lunches pre-made! I go to bed Sunday night absolutely convinced I’ll finally be waking up on time this week!

The ante is exponentially up-ed on the first of the month. All my bad habits and unfinished to-dos get re-printed neatly and started again. I leave the previous month in the dust and pat myself on the back for managing to do less than half of the things I set out to accomplish. Yayyy me. I’m not crazy at all! “This will be the month!” I always think–the month I stop eating cereal for dinner, the month I spend Friday nights not in my bed, watching Netflix…and eating cereal for dinner.

So give me this triple whammy, and I’m going crazy! I’ve updated my calendar, refreshed my New Year’s Resolution list, and started out on the right foot by going to bed early last night, and making it to work today ON TIME! Yes! My type-A, hyper-control freak tendencies really do have a place in this world! It’s the perfect storm of OCD! I better get busy…lots to do!


Out of Sorts

29 Jun

The latter half of this week has been a bit of a slog. After taking the day off on Wednesday, I came back Thursday morning in a bad mood, mostly because of a bad hair day, but more because I thought it was Friday. Then, I apparently thought it was Monday, when I asked my coworker how her weekend was! Basically, I was out of it. My brain has just been moving at a snail’s pace, while my daily responsibilities are requiring it to pick it up a few notches!

Taking a mental health day in the middle of the week really screws up my vibes! All day long, it felt weird not to be in work, and then all day yesterday when I got back, it felt weird to be in work! Since yesterday, I’ve been counting the minutes and have been getting irritated at each new task added to my list. The growing to-dos, the never-ending lists, the slow dragging hours, the tragic, tragic hair–I am in a funk.

There is pretty much nothing worse than the Friday funk, especially when half of the office is off playing softball and I’m stuck here, typing and making calls. Then the other half of the office is preparing for their upcoming vacations, while I’m stuck here…typing and making more calls. Weekend, please save me before I chop bangs in my hair in the office bathroom and raid the snack closet in a fit of frustration!

Don’t Make Me Sing!

18 Jun

Last week was week three of (drumroll please!):

“My Totally Insane and Crazy Work Life, OMG How am I Supposed to Get All of This Done in Time, The Musical,” starring myself, a gigantic to-do list, and a post-work box of Franzia.

Life has been off the wall lately, but somehow, it’s all magically getting done and I’m having a lot of fun! Last week, I was given the opportunity to do some interviews on my own, and while I was a little nervous, it was a great experience! I really felt like a producer, and it was an awesome feeling. I did my research, wore my best blazer and put on my fake glasses, all in the name of looking professional and journalism-y. And it really paid off! I even sounded like a journalist…at least until the end of my first interview.

When we do an interview here, we’ll usually send it out to be professionally transcribed. I was looking forward to getting them back, and praying that I didn’t say “um”, “like”, or “totally” throughout the entire thing! But it’s always different reading things rather than how you remember actually saying them, and the end of my interview was a prime example of something being lost-in-translation on the page! While I was a little horrified at the time, it’s definitely funnier when you read it out of context:

INTERVIEWER: Cool.  Great.  Awesome.  Very nice.  Well, congratulations.


INTERVIEWER: Yeah.  [LAUGHS]  Congratulations on being alive.  [LAUGHS]

Ok, so….I know how that reads, but I swear it didn’t come off as cold-hearted and maniacal as that! In reality, this was a post-interview chat that just happened to be caught on tape! Plus, I definitely didn’t laugh! Maybe it was a chortle, or an innocent giggle, but a laugh? And you can take me at my word on this one, because a.) they didn’t punch me in the face post-interview and b.) they sent me a very nice thank you email. Regardless, I’m going to have to work on my closing number if I really want to be a star!

Adult Sippy Cup

24 May

It has become abundantly clear to me that I seemed to have missed the early childhood development skill of drinking out of a cup without spilling it all over myself. While I think I’m “on track” otherwise, when it comes to drinking or carrying anything in liquid form, without fail, I spill.

In the past, I could blame this (like every other downfall in my life) to my morning commute. Unable to handle steering a moving vehicle, changing the radio, screaming at other commuters, and drinking coffee at the same time, I pulled into the park-and-ride many times with a pungent perfume of stale coffee and crippling angst. But while many of my life problems were solved when I moved into the city, my inability to drink things is something I can’t seem to kick!

I thought this problem would subside once I switched to iced coffee, which you drink with a straw. How hard could it possibly be to sip from a straw? In my case, apparently very. Yesterday, my straw had a slit in it, so a single sip ended up straight in my lap. Then this morning, as I was attempting to wrangle my umbrella, re-adjust my purse, and prepare my morning java, my purse slid off my shoulder, whacking my filled cup of coffee straight onto my feet. How pleasant it was to squish my way through the office….at least my feet were fully caffeinated!

Frankly, I’m not really sure what to do. Do they make adult sippy cups? Would people think it was weird if I wore a full-body bib to work? Maybe I should re-think my assertion that I’m a glorious multi-tasker, when I can’t even handle the toddler-learned skill of lifting a cup to my lips!

Pocket Purge

8 May

The weather has been all over the place lately. It’s rained for a solid week, but the temperature has ranged from humid and gross out, to freezing and gross out.  While I have a past history of having no idea what to wear in these situations, I’ve been getting better at checking on the weather the night before.  It’s been a lot of switch-ups in terms of outerwear lately!

Listen, I am not a shopper or obsessed with clothes at all, but I have a lot of coats! I also love sticking things in my pockets, so my daily attire of a blazer along with the coat I wear into work gives me plenty of opportunity to fill those puppies up! With my four spring coats, a rain jacket, two windbreakers, six blazers and a cape, the sheer variety of pocket options means I have been misplacing a lot of stuff.

On any given day, I collect a variety of ephemera that ends up in my pockets: bobby pins, rubber bands, loose change, toothpicks, my metro card, pens, chapstick, my credit card, receipts, random slips of paper with inspirational quotes, and my work id. In a nutshell, this means that 90% of these items are typically in the pocket of a jacket I’m not wearing.

Since I’m apparently on a constant quest to better myself and my organizational habits, I guess this means I need to go through my pockets and locate my credit card (semi-important) and the post-it I carry around with “Dreams are like illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you” written down (extremely important…but also does not exist in real life).

A Restful Weekend

5 Mar

This was the weekend I’ve been waiting and hoping for for the past few weeks! I slept in! I cleaned! I made food that wasn’t served from a take-out container! I washed my hair! It was marvelous.

I reached new lows of lameness this weekend though, because the thing I was most excited about doing was cleaning my apartment. I am not a messy person, but I haven’t been getting home before 9 PM during the week and I’ve either been working or away every weekend for practically the entire month of February! Needless to say, my apartment needed a good scouring, and two and a half hours later, after scrubbing the last speck of dirt off my kitchen tile, I slipped on a clean pair of socks and vowed not to do anything that would tarnish my sparkling abode! This then was a perfect excuse to curl up on my bed and read books all afternoon while listening to Bille Holiday. It was so, so, so, so nice.

I know how it sounds. Cleaning? White socks? Showtunes? Everytime I think I’m climbing the ladder to coolness, I knock myself down a few notches to grandma-ville. Weekends in the big city should be spent visiting museums, or seeing off-Broadway theater! But frankly, I was so exhausted from the past few weeks, the guilt that usually accompanies my especially elderly behavior was pleasantly lacking! Plus this morning, I woke up on time and felt more awake than I have in weeks, and my apartment was clean! So take that, hipsters and 20-somethings who actually have lives!

La, La, La I Joined a Choir…Then Quit

29 Feb

HOBBIES! This is a rare and apparently impossible thing to have with my job of late. Back in January, I was heart set on expanding my non-existent social life with something I loved, namely pretending I’m on Glee (before it got too weird and I gave it up. Swimming proposals…white TOPHATS?! I just can’t).

But I love to sing, and pretty much do it all the time–while I’m cooking, getting dressed, taking out the garbage–I basically have an internal melody coursing through my brain at all times. So I figured I would channel this and join a choir! And lucky for me, there was one that met once a week and sang Bon Jovi! Could it get any better?!

I was able to attend the first couple of rehearsals, and I had a blast! It was literally like being back in high school choir–we were even working on an arrangement of “I Believe I Can Fly.” Part of me felt like I had digressed to the dorkiest stage of myself, sans braces and my unfortunate high school fashion sense, but a bigger part of me didn’t really care! I mean, I wasn’t flaunting my new hobby to the folks at work, but I really looked forward to the weekly jam sessions.

But alas, this past month has been completely insane and it’s been impossible to leave work before 8 pm, ever. Between breaking news specials and projects piled on top of projects, I’ve had no choice but to push this to the bottom of my priority list (along with my laundry…) and I had quit. It pains me to write that, because I really pride myself on my ability to multi-task, but this one just wasn’t happening.

Now it’s back to the drawing board on finding my work-life balance. Right now, the scales are tipped entirely to the work side, and I’m trying to find an extracurricular that meets after 10 pm on weeknights! Until that happens, I’ll just be sitting in my cubicle, humming the alto part to “Livin on a Prayer!”