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Beauty Queen

19 Jul

beauty salon_vintage_blog_chá_com_cupcakesI’m having some difficulties this week. I’m not talking in the emotional sense like usual, but more physically, by which of course I mean MY HAIR IS BECOMING A PROBLEM. This is because it’s approximately 100 degrees out, which is a level of heat my hair does not agree with. I’ve given up on wearing it down, since anything that comes in contact with the back of my neck will automatically burst into flames, and even attempting to style it when it’s up is useless, since it’s just so unbelievably humid! Instead, I’ve resorted to flipping my head over and gathering all my hair in a high ponytail. I briefly pretended that this style looked “sleek” and “fresh” like all the magazines say, and have now just accepted that looks “lazy” and “bad.”

And then there’s my face, which has rejected all applications of makeup after I emerged from the subway on Monday with mascara dripping halfway down my cheeks. I decided I’d adapt the more “natural” look which just really isn’t working for me. Plus, inexplicably, I have a scratch on the bridge of my nose that looks exactly like an errant Sharpie mark, so at least ten times a day, I’ve had to say, “Not Sharpie, it’s just my face this week” to curious coworkers.

Sheesh. If only the temperature would drop as much as my self-esteem has! I would say a trip to the salon would do the trick, but we all know how that usually turns out…


It Is Hot.

22 Jul

These past few days have been really intense. Aside from slogging away at work for seven days straight, (recall my weekend adventures) the heat has completely zapped me.

Everyday, I’ve been in and out of a dazed state,  jolted only by plugging into my central IV of iced coffee. Thank God there aren’t too many people in the office this week, because my seemingly permanent slack-jawed, glassy-eyed expression really invites conversation….

Fortunately, my office has air conditioning, but my new apartment does not, so I spend my nights with an enormous box fan literally inches from my face. Since I usually shower and go to bed with my head wet, my hair is so wind-blown and tangled in the mornings, I’ve taken to pulling it back into a snarled, damaged poof. Just visualize how attractive that is. Got it? Now multiply that unattractiveness by 10.

The combination of sleep deprivation, unconditioned hair, and a diet of iced coffee and cereal means it’s time to head to New Jersey for the weekend and enjoy the comforts of (a well-cooled) home. I’m already dreading the commute though….some things never change. And while my mom is overjoyed at seeing me after just a week and a half away, I’m really planning on just finding the closest body of water and submerging myself up to my nose for the entire weekend. Priorities people, priorities.