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7 Feb

ear_trumpet_editFor the past several days, I’ve been partially deaf in one ear. I finally took it upon myself to go to the doctor on Monday after a week of on-and-off hearing, headaches and vertigo, and it was discovered that I had a double ear infection! Well doesn’t that explain a lot! But part of the treatment to restore my hearing was to clog my ear up once again, with a medicated sponge that effectively sealed my ear off from disease but then also prevented me from hearing any sort of conversation or ambient noise.

Needless to say, things have been a little tricky this week. I haven’t really figured out the appropriate speaking volume when having conversations, and have been vacillating between yelling at people because I can’t hear myself, to speaking barely above a whisper, suddenly concerned I’m talking too loudly! Office gossip is a no go–can’t hear those stage whispers! Ordering from the cafeteria isn’t happening–I got a load of dreaded peppers on my sandwich when I clearly (…or unclearly…) heard him ask if I wanted pesto. I’ve basically resigned myself to sitting at my desk avoiding people–and unable to listen to music, the only sound I hear is the loud ringing in my other ear from over-exerting its hearing capabilities!

Fortunately,  tomorrow I head back to the doctor and will hopefully emerge with both ears back in tiptop shape. Then it will be an afternoon of apologizing to the many people I’ve stared blankly at, or unnecessarily smiled at instead of answering whatever question that may or may not have been directed at me. If only I took my college lip-reading seminar more seriously!