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It’s All Happening!!!

10 Oct

So….OMG….this is big….this is happening….this is real…..and I’m telling you….very shortly…..it’s exciting….I’m stalling….is this funny yet?….. it is to me….. because….. well…. really…. um…….


Yes! It happened! I cried! I’m happy! I can’t speak in full sentences! I’m overwhelmed! IT’S REAL!! But the story is this: a few weeks ago, a full-time position opened up for the job I have, and naturally, I applied and then immediately started freaking out about it. Mostly I freaked out about the imminent mental breakdown that would occur if I didn’t get it. Although looking back, I did try my best to stay level-headed, because I really felt like I had done everything I could to prove that I deserved this job. It’s been an amazing six months, so at least I could leave on a high, knowing I gave it my all.

Yea….but actually I was FREAKING OUT. To cope, I devised my unemployment plan, which involved me driving to the Catskills to become one with nature and draft my memoirs among the thickets and ember-colored foliage. I’d go on nature walks, take artistic photos of ferns and meditate beneath the setting sun. Then I would go home, refreshed, and find another job. Simple as pie, right?

Well, I think we can all deduce that that’s not exactly how it would happen. This was just something I wanted so badly I almost couldn’t bear to think of what would happen if I didn’t get it. I just love this job, and have known for so long that this is what I want to be doing that I can’t even begin to describe the overwhelming sense of relief when my boss told me the news. I literally thought I was going to cry….tears of joy this time! Thankfully, I held it together, and then proceeded to take out a billboard in Times Square to announce the news!

So it was all worth it–my mind-numbing first job, my exhausting second job, the months of angst, the commutes, the tears, the life-doubting, the highs, the lows…. it was all worth it in the end! And now I can look for apartments! Dreams really do come true!



7 Mar

Yikes, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this thing! Bear with me…work has been out of control busy! But nothing is more fulfilling that falling into bed at the end of a 13 hour day with the knowledge that I actually accomplished something greater than reading the entire Style section in an afternoon! There is just something about this job that puts me into high-drive mode–somehow, I manage to get everything done, half the time amazed that I even know what/how I’m doing it. I just feel made to do this. Perhaps it’s my zeal for hyper-organization, my desire to pack way more into a day than is possible, and my controlling tendencies that fit perfectly with my job title. Despite the fact that I am physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the day: I ASKED FOR THIS. And boy are they giving it! And giving a little more.

But this job is completely within the nature of this past year: total extremes. I went from being a confident, independent person before graduation to a paranoid, sniveling baby less than two days later. I’ve cried with joy only to find myself weeping with such post-grad angst I could’ve been the inspiration for every emo album ever made . I’ve gone from staring at the wall for an uninterrupted eight hours to working until 10 pm on a Friday night just to get everything done. Is this what life after graduation entails–a total see-saw of actions and emotions? Why wasn’t I warned that I would need a prescription for Valium and Prozac, to be taken at once? That should be part of the graduation checklist!

The Final Countdown…Part FOREVER

21 Feb

Last week, I counted down the final hours of my shift, watched the clock tick to midnight and skipped back to the Port Authority for that last tortuous bus ride. I had my new job to look forward to, a job that came so easily and out of the blue, I was pretty shocked. If you recall, the conversation that led me to get this job went something like this:

New Boss: Hi! When do you think you can start working for us?

Me: Huminah, huminah….omg YAY! Tomorrow?

But in reality, when is anything that easy? A month later, I’m still itching for that new job and dealing with one dead-ended conversation after the next, most of them going something like this:

Old Boss: skldjflksjdflkjselkjglkjhlkdj;aldlfkjal;fkgj lskjglkjlfkajsd;lkfjlskdjf. So see, that’s why you can’t start until next week.

But last week, a month of deliberations, two-day work weeks, no paychecks, and 968 hours worth of SNL skits later, I was told I would be starting my job this Monday. So why am I sitting on my couch in my pajamas right now? O, here’s the answer for you: I suddenly became important to my old boss–so important that she pushed my start date back again so I could train a new employee she had a month to hire! Why is it that you suddenly become valuable when you have no interest in selling yourself anymore? I just want to move on, and the one person that’s holding me back is the one in charge of pushing me forward!

Bottom line: I am so sick of the boredom! The pajamas! The mid-morning TV lineup! Perhaps I’ll be eating my words, but I JUST WANT TO WORK!

My Last Night at Work

13 Feb

Before you read the rest of this post, click here, and hit play. Trust me…it’s all part of the blog experience.

Ok, so now that you’re into it, hopefully you’re getting to the chorus. I really love this song, even though those are the only lyrics I know. The chorus works in a variety of situations: charting the last seconds on the microwave, the moments before the next Glee episode, and of course, the last few hours of my shift tonight! In just six hours, eleven minutes and thirteen seconds, I will be closing yet another door on yet another job that didn’t quite work out.

Overall, this was a better experience than my last job, and no tears were shed! But I can’t say I particularly enjoyed myself: the hours were absolutely horrible and for two out of the three months I worked here, I worked two days a week. Thankfully, it was much more temporary than I had anticipated, which is a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

So I’ll be spending my final shift doing what I did on my first shift–staring at a wall and reading about 1,000 New York Times articles. But without this job, I wouldn’t have gotten my next job, so all those hours led to more than just sleep deprivation and a coffee addiction.

My biggest hope is that my new job becomes a steady, long-term position. I’m tired of worrying about my career and where/when/how I’m going to get there. This is the biggest and most positive step towards it I’ve been able to take, and I’m really excited! And I’m already on job three of the average seven people have in their lifetimes, so I better slow down this progression before I use up all my opportunities by 23!

Why Can’t I Just Like My Job?

23 Dec

Yet another job I am slowly coming to dislike. The past couple of days have really changed my fondness for my job, as my schedule has been moved around drastically on a daily basis, obliterating my Christmas and New Year’s plans. I get it, I work in 24-hour news, I guess I should expect to work Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and apparently New Year’s Eve. But that doesn’t mean it’s fair, or that I’m happy about it. Plus, one day I’m working Christmas, the next I’m not, then the next day I am! My boss seems to have a supreme problem making a schedule and sticking to it, without it affecting her life at all. Meanwhile, all of us are getting whiplash from the constant and unnecessary adjustments.

I’m getting discouraged. Perhaps it’s just a mental reaction to my constant sleep-deprivation that I’m once again feeling down about my job and my future, and it’s not a welcome feeling. I slogged through six months of feeling like I was on the brink of some massive failure before pulling myself out to more solid and promising ground. And yet here I find myself again, doubting my career choice, doubting the purpose for doing all of this, and basically feeling like a sad sack. While I have yet to disintegrate into hysterical tears or pound mercilessly on my car dashboard, I’m just getting really tired of feeling so unclear as to what it is I should–and want–to be doing with my life.

Now, this doesn’t have to do with setting high expectations this time, because I tried to set the bar low. I didn’t want to make the same mistakes. And it’s not the job per se, it’s the whole lifestyle.Maybe I’m asking for too much, but it would be nice to actually enjoy my job and see my friends and family occasionally and actually make some money.  I didn’t imagine that the most basic tenets of a job would be completely foreign to me. Instead of having a semi-work-life-balance, my life has zero balance. I sleep, commute, work, and in my free time I obsess about sleep and the disturbing disappearance of it in my life.

I wonder if it’s just me. Maybe I’m just not cut out for working. Maybe I don’t have the ambition that I thought I did. I know I don’t have the patience. But the word document with my Pulitzer-prize winning novel still only contains a blinking cursor, so right now, I think the choice has been made.

Hopefully once the holidays pass and the irritation of having to work every major holiday this year has faded, I’ll be more positive.  And hopefully my boss will set a New Year’s resolution to actually do her job correctly. But if I’ve learned anything from this year, it’s that you can’t have it all.

I Work Ridiculous Hours

5 Dec

I’ve been plugging away at the new job for two weeks now, and it is still really, really weird to be working from midnight to 9 am. I’ve managed to fit in enough sleep here and there, before carbo-loading, sleep style, on my days off. But it’s just not normal to be awake at those times, and if my forray into working the 5 am-1 pm shift at my last job was any indication, I get a little loopy in the late/early hours. Examples:

1. I’ve listened to the same song 10 times in a row and still cannot comprehend the words. (This is actually not exclusive to overnight hours…)

2. I’m shopping for butcher knives and cosmetic bags online (for Christmas, people!! Uh, still weird though.)

3. I’ve scrolled through Facebook every ten minutes for the past hour. No one has updated anything. Surprise!

4. After rereading through what I’ve written thus far, I realized I can’t spell. (Also not exclusive to the overnight hours.)

5. Somehow, my shoe came off and magically disappeared under my desk. Did not realize this until I was halfway across the room…wearing one black shoe and a blue sock.

6. Apparently I can’t tell the difference between black and blue.

These hours make my shifts at my old job seem absolutely indulgent. I can’t believe I used to complain about working until 10:00 at night! Now, all I do is work and obsess over whether I’ll be able to get enough sleep. Ah, how I miss that place.

Wait…..WHAT?! Did I actually just reminisce about a job that turned me into an absolute psycho-whack-job? Oh my gosh, I DID! What is wrong with me? Quick, must think of ways to not reminisce, must think of ways to not….o, I got one! EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THAT JOB. Phew, glad I straightened that out!

A Sixer…Then a Fourteen-er

4 Dec

Yesterday, I finished an intense six-day work week. It was pretty hard-core, especially since this isn’t a typical 9-5 job. As the week went on, it became more and more of a struggle to visualize making the hour-and-a-half trek into work when the alarm would sound at 9:30 p.m. Then, I was supposed to make it through an eight-hour shift and listen to my coworkers yawn and lament over their own exhaustion? As the newbie, I have to keep my mouth shut: no complaining, no commiserating, and most especially no sleeping. But as the week wore on, I became more and more exhausted, not just with the fact that I was working…and working…and working…but that it seemed so absolutely endless. There’s only so many nights you can crack as smile when your family produces the same line: “Have a good “day” (chortle chortle) …at night! Get it?”   

Apparently, people at my job call this kind of schedule “a sixer” and I was unsympathetically told that “we’ve all been there.” Well, that’s really great for you. I love being reminded that I am on the absolute bottom of the totem pole–even interns get to sleep in! But when it was finally over, and I was riding home on the bus, suddenly wide awake and wired from too much coffee and too little sleep, I felt really intense. Like, I did this. I worked six days in a row, and rocked it out! Then I went home, lounged on the couch for five hours and went to bed at 7:30.

And then, I woke up…FOURTEEN HOURS LATER BITCHES! Ah, such sweet bliss, waking up as the sun shined, my eyes refusing to stay closed for another minute.  Do I feel guilty for being a 22-year old who goes to bed hours before toddlers and senior citizens? Uh, no! Well…maybe a little. But sleep feels five million times better than life-lameness.

But as soon as it began, it was over. I’m back at work…it’s 3 am. Thankfully, I’m only signed up to work a four-day week before I have another few days off. In just four seemingly short days, I’ll be back relishing in the softness of my sheets, the fluffiness of my pillow, the heaviness of my eyelids sliding down over my eyes….ahhh. Life is so divine. If I can’t look forward to instant success at work, at least I can look forward to instant slumber after.