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The Dreaded Email

4 Apr

The other day, I posted what basically amounted to a love letter to my beloved New York Times. But today, they spit in my face. They tore my heart out and stomped on it with their journalistic shoes.

They sent me this message:

“You have 5 of 20 free articles remaining this month”

First of all, it’s April 4. Technically, the “month” started last Monday when they introduced their plan, but in just one week, I’ve practically exhausted my months supply! All along, I thought I was being a conservative reader–I struggled with my choices; painstakingly chose my articles. I tried to find them published elsewhere. I SKIPPED THE SLIDE SHOWS. It was a tough week.

But what really irked me was that little message–a bit brusque, wouldn’t you agree? You’d think they’d be a little gentler as they RIPPED OUT MY SOUL. And what makes it even worse is this little factoid I happened upon last week:

“New York Times Co.’s efforts to charge readers…will get an early boost from one advertiser–Ford Motor Co.’s Lincoln brand. Lincoln…has targeted 200,000 heavy readers of the newspaper’s website with an offer to sponsor their digital subscription for 2011.” (WSJ)

WHERE WAS MY EMAIL?????  Listen, I know I have a flair for the over-dramatic, but this is not fair! 200,000 people get the email and my inbox is devoid?? The whole thing just seems unapologetic. Shouldn’t they at least send me a letter acknowledging my persistent and obsessive love? Perhaps something along the lines of: “We’re sorry you are not one of the chosen ones, and to truly express our apology, we will set you up with a free, life-time subscription plan. Yay!” Now is that really so hard??

Of course, what would be easier is if I just signed up and started paying. Sigh. So many life choices!


My Free Time Has Become Less Intelligent

29 Mar

Yesterday was a sad day for me–The New York Times subscription plan started. Because I hate paying for things, I haven’t signed up for the $15 full access fee and am now relegated to a meager 20 articles a month. In my prime, I was whipping through 20+ articles A DAY. Plus photo slide shows!

My love for the New York Times is deep. On my way to work, I typically do penance in front of the building, which is directly across from the Port Authority. Amid the cigarette smoke and mayhem, I pray that someday I can darken their door. Sometimes, I will leave the homepage up just to stare at, hoping the quality of writing will be absorbed through the computer and into my brain. The Times was the reason behind my choice in career–an essay and photo spread on the night shift at New York’s popular museums cemented my almost obsessive passion for the paper and an undying desire to write for their magazine.

But the past two days have been difficult as I’ve had to actually think through my choice of reading material. Headlines are out–I can read that elsewhere. But the features! Oooo the features! And the magazine! And the travel section! And the weddings and celebrations! Where else can I read about Upper East Side cotillions, fantasize about 36 hours in Bali, and read incredibly pretentious theater reviews?

This is not something I’m used to. I click through the Times in such a pell-mell fashion I hardly know what or why I chose something. But now, it’s a process. Plus, today I clicked on an article and it was only half a page long! I feel cheated.

Why are you doing this to me, New York Times? Could it be you’re trying to secure your future so that one day there could quite possibly be a job for me?? Could you be attempting to color the hair on The Gray Lady and save it from a slow and painful death?? In that case, credit cards out people!! A round of subscriptions for all!