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Don’t Make Me Sing!

18 Jun

Last week was week three of (drumroll please!):

“My Totally Insane and Crazy Work Life, OMG How am I Supposed to Get All of This Done in Time, The Musical,” starring myself, a gigantic to-do list, and a post-work box of Franzia.

Life has been off the wall lately, but somehow, it’s all magically getting done and I’m having a lot of fun! Last week, I was given the opportunity to do some interviews on my own, and while I was a little nervous, it was a great experience! I really felt like a producer, and it was an awesome feeling. I did my research, wore my best blazer and put on my fake glasses, all in the name of looking professional and journalism-y. And it really paid off! I even sounded like a journalist…at least until the end of my first interview.

When we do an interview here, we’ll usually send it out to be professionally transcribed. I was looking forward to getting them back, and praying that I didn’t say “um”, “like”, or “totally” throughout the entire thing! But it’s always different reading things rather than how you remember actually saying them, and the end of my interview was a prime example of something being lost-in-translation on the page! While I was a little horrified at the time, it’s definitely funnier when you read it out of context:

INTERVIEWER: Cool.  Great.  Awesome.  Very nice.  Well, congratulations.


INTERVIEWER: Yeah.  [LAUGHS]  Congratulations on being alive.  [LAUGHS]

Ok, so….I know how that reads, but I swear it didn’t come off as cold-hearted and maniacal as that! In reality, this was a post-interview chat that just happened to be caught on tape! Plus, I definitely didn’t laugh! Maybe it was a chortle, or an innocent giggle, but a laugh? And you can take me at my word on this one, because a.) they didn’t punch me in the face post-interview and b.) they sent me a very nice thank you email. Regardless, I’m going to have to work on my closing number if I really want to be a star!