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Perpetually Vacating

8 Jul

travelAh, nothing like getting away for a few days! I headed up to the Catskills for the holiday weekend and had a super relaxing time–ate lots of salads (potato, macaroni and otherwise), enjoyed nature, and got tan! It was great to get out of the city for a few days and avoid the hell-fire that is my apartment and New York City lately!

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and that end came at 6:30 this morning, when my alarm went off and I began the slog back to the city from New Jersey. There to meet me and pour me coffee was my mother, who actually enjoys getting up at that hour for a reason I will never comprehend. And then my dad drove me to the bus, which drove me to the city, where I grabbed the subway home to change for work, then took a subway back to work, and then walked to the office! Phew….I’m already ready for my next vacation!

Sigh…it seems like a few days is never enough. A few months ago, I went on a vacation to Turkey, and after an amazingly relaxing and stunning escape, I thought my vacation dreams would be somewhat sated! But no such luck…not even 3 days later, I was back on Tripadvisor, scoping out fares! And after getting into work at 10 AM this morning, by 10:15 I was already booking my next weekend trip and had swiped my credit card for a jaunt to Atlanta! I guess that’s why we work, to pay to get away from it!



26 Nov

So I’m back at work after a week home in New Jersey. After the month I’ve had, what better place to wind down than home, in New Jersey, with my parents.  Yay! When I told my friend my plans, she looked at me funny and then asked if that was the most relaxing idea I had. But six back-to-back yoga classes in preparation later, I felt as ready as I could be!

It’s not that I don’t like being home, and of course I love my family, but the second I touch down on Jersey soil, I seem to revert back to my seventeen-year-old self in the eyes of my family members! If my family was large enough for a kids table, I’d be sitting at the head! My grandma gave me bubbles for a Thanksgiving gift! Instead of wine, my ten-year-old cousin and I sipped identical glasses of apple juice. No one seems able to soak up the fact that I’m an adult who likes red wine!

Of course, my attempts to play up my independent life in the city only lead to my grandma grilling me on why I’m not home more often. “It’s so good to see you!” quickly transitioned to “It’s been so long since we’ve seen you!” which then ended in “What is it that you do that you can’t be home more often?” Ah, family. Doesn’t it sound relaxing???

But when all was said and done, it really was a lovely and much-needed week of fresh air, sleep and home-cooked meals. I also rediscovered my high-school love of Dashboard Confessional and wearing Ugg boots in public. I wonder where my family gets this idea that I haven’t grown up….

Back on the Saddle

4 Sep

I’m back! After a lovely, wonderfully relaxing and uneventful week, it’s back to work! I’m a little tanner, much more relaxed, and BACK IN THE ZONE. I’m IN IT. In THE ZONE.

….Uh, not exactly. Vacation is just so nice! The expression “The best part of going away is coming back home” doesn’t really apply when you spend an entire week lounging on the beach with nary a care in the world! At home, I don’t sleep eleven hours a night! At home, I don’t have dessert after every meal and then not even care! At home, I don’t spend my day reading books and doing crossword puzzles. Instead, I work, and I eat salads, and I stay up until 2 am obsessing over my work outfit. Not quite as much fun.

However, I had a ten-hour car ride to get me back into the swing of things, and once I finally got back to my apartment and unpacked, I was actually looking forward to going to work. I went to bed early with butterflies in my stomach–it felt like I was getting ready for the first day of school! I even laid out an outfit and packed my lunch! I’m like a new woman! Like, a completely new woman.

My post-vacation motivation continued when I woke up early and managed to get to work a few minutes ahead of schedule. It felt nice to pen my daily to-do list and flush out my emails to start with a clean slate! Plus, everyone is in a good mood from the three-day weekend, so I’m feeling pretty good right now! We’ll see how long I can channel this clear-headedness before I’m surfing Trip Advisor for my next getaway!


23 Aug

Vacation. Is. Almost. HERE! At this point, my mind is on one thing: VACATION. Do I feel like doing work? NO. Do I feel like going on vacation? YES.

In less than thirty-six hours, I will be lounging on the beach with a stack of books and an ice cream cone in each hand. It’s going to be divine! Even though I haven’t been that busy at work, I’m in desperate need of a change of scenery. It’s been months since my last long weekend, and a full year since my last bona fide vacay. This has been a fun summer, but the city really starts to wear on you after a while. The heat, the crowds, the constant hustle…this lady just needs to hit the beach!

This is actually the same vacation my family has been taking for the past twenty years, so at this point we have it down to a science: We will arrive, and then spend the next week alternating from lying on a lounge chair at the beach, to lying on a lounge chair at the pool. (Obviously, we are not a family of scientists…) So basically, my goals will be thus:

1. Get tan

2. Catch up on my magazines

3. See a dolphin

It’s going to be GREAT!

I Need to Get Away

27 Jul

OMG, OMG, OMGeeeeee…this day needs to be OVER! There are approximately six hours and three minutes until I clock out, before making the mad(denning) rush to the Port Authority, punching someone in the face, getting on a bus to New Jersey, sitting in an hour of traffic, and then getting in a car and driving to the Catskills. Sigh….so many hours away from anything resembling relaxation!

I am in DESPERATE need of a change of scenery. The past few months have been a roller coaster of busy-ness which has recently come to a screeching halt. My motivation and productivity have sunk to an all time low,  the weather is disgusting, my apartment is hot, and I haven’t slept well in weeks! My desire to do anything besides drink margaritas and online shop is getting to hang out, and MY HAIR LOOKS HORRIBLE. I am a hot mess of emotions!

I am honestly just over summer. It’s only July, and I’m already dreaming of crisp fall weather, apple picking, and tweed.  Plus, the fact that my vacation is still an entire month away is just unfathomable at this point! Will my toes ever touch soft sand or feel the  lap of the ocean waves?  Will my skin ever not be pale and sallow?? Will I ever leave this city for more than three days at a time??? Hopefully a weekend of fresh air and ice pops will help reset my mental clarity and put me in a better mood. If not, it’s a LONG time until the end of August!

All That Sun Went to My Head

13 Jun

Ah, California was GREAT! I’m totally obsessed not only with San Francisco, but the person I was while there! I left a tightly wound, stressed-out workaholic, and came back a mellow, nicely tanned chick. There’s just something about the air in California that cleared out my brain and had me smiling all weekend!

There are a few differences between the New York me and the California me. For one, the New York me has bad hair. The California me embraced the awkward wave with aplomb! New York me wants to punch slow walkers in the neck. California me weaved cheerfully through the crowds. New York me gets burned to a crisp the second the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. California me also burns to a crisp, but it’s a California crispiness, and therefore fine. New York me stresses, California me strolls, takes naps in the middle of the day, eats burritos, and drinks Merlot!

Listen, I love New York, and spent a solid twenty-three years of my life pining to live here. But this city does come with a constant level of stress and motion that’s hard to shake. The second I got off the plane on Sunday, I was back to rushing–to the Airtran, subway, the cozy covers of my bed. Everything is done at a frenetic pace! Then Monday I was back into the craziness of work, which has only become crazier! Rewarding? Yes. Relaxing? …Not so much.

Six Hour Chill

8 Jun

I’ve decided I can never leave for vacation in the middle of the week again! I’m off to sunny California for the weekend, and it took me almost the entire six hour flight to wind down from my extremely stressful and crazy week!

I blame it on the fact I planned this West Coast jaunt when I had nothing to do and my August vacation seemed painfully far away. But this is a surefire way to end a streak of boredom, and sure enough, I was almost immediately assigned to two new projects and have had smoke coming out of my ears for the past ten days!

The mounting pressure at work had me so tightly wound, you probably could have snapped me like a slingshot to Chicago! But after some zen breathing, quinoa, and quality time with Joni Mitchell, I’m getting into the California spirit! Plus, I hawked off the rest of my work on the new summer interns, so at least through Monday, I’ll be trading my New York nerves for some California calm!