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A Renewal Reception

12 Jul

Vintage-New-YearSo amazingly, it’s been about a year and a half since I moved into my apartment in the city, and for the most part, it’s been great!¬†Aside from a few blips on the radar–the¬†drug addict neighbor next door, my alcoholic neighbor downstairs, and the general vibe that I’m living in a half-way house/an AA meeting site– there are a lot of things I love about my apartment and the surrounding neighborhood. Of course, number one is still the proximity to the subway, followed in close second by my non-working fireplace and crown moldings. Aesthetics are important to me!

My lease was running out at the beginning of the month, so a few weeks ago I sent my landlord an email asking him about the possibility of renewing. I’ve heard horror stories of rents being raised through the roof and was dreading the possibility that I’d be hunting for another apartment. I finally finished decorating this place…I was loathe to think about packing up all my throw pillows and decorative pottery for a new one! So when my landlord got back to me and asked me to call him later that night, I spent the rest of the day coming up with a list of reasons why he shouldn’t be asking for more rent. Two reasons, “Everyone that lives here is an alcoholic and nobody ever takes the trash out!” may have been near the top….

But not even 30 seconds into our conversation, my landlord said he’d be happy to have me renew and would only be raising the rent a mere $25! I was so relieved that it wasn’t $500, I said yes immediately and was off the phone in less than five minutes! So another year in the city it is! To celebrate, I think I’ll pour myself a drink! I’m fitting in here after all!