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Goodbye 2012!

28 Dec

vintage_new_yearAh, the end is near! Just a few more hours of work, a few more days of skiing, a few more resolutions to accomplish before this year is OVER! 2012 was momentous year! …Well, sort of…A thrilling twelve months!…Eh, not really…An exhilarating display of excitement! …Um, not exactly….OK. 2012 was a pretty average year. Nothing really exciting happened, but nothing too earth-shattering either. It was just a year of settling into day-to-day average life–a steady job, a steady living situation, a steady brain–I finally turned down the dial on the crazy-meter and became a normal person again! Wahoo!

There’s nothing wrong with being normal, and it’s nice to finally feel like my ducks are in a row. Everyone seems to have noticed the wave of sanity and clear-headedness that’s taken over since my move to the city, and I feel so much happier and more confident than I did just a year before! However, it’s in my nature to want things to be happening all the time! Especially now that some of the larger obstacles in life have been left in the dust, I feel like it’s time to mix things up. But where to start? Yes. HOBBIES!

My attempts at hobbies this year led to a failed attempt at joining a show choir, a cello gathering dust in my closet,  and many hours spent contemplating joining a co-ed soccer team before reminding myself how bad I am at sports. But I was still getting into the groove of working and city life, and trying to figure out what I liked to do after my old hobbies of crying, complaining about commuting, and crying some more proved to be unnecessary. Now that that’s behind me, I’m ready to wipe that slate clean and start participating in things that will make me cool. Already, I’ve joined a book club, have an audition for an a cappella group, signed up for a monthly craft night, and scheduled a cello lesson. O…none of these things are cool? Well, at least 2013 will be filled with un-cool hobbies, instead of no hobbies at all! I am pumped! Happy New Year everyone!


So Much for That

4 Jan

Well, I’m only four days into the new year and already some of my resolutions have gone to hell in a hand basket!

One of my resolutions this year is to be more put together–while I consider myself an organized person overall, I would not characterize myself in this manner between the hours of 8:30 and 10 am! My plan was to get up earlier in the mornings, perhaps fix myself a cup of tea and flip through a magazine, before changing into a pre-picked outfit and grabbing my pre-made lunch from the fridge. I’d snap my perfectly organized purse shut–complete with keys and cellphone–and be off on my merry way, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

But instead, for the past two days that I’ve had to get up for work, I’ve literally left myself 15 minutes to get ready and out the door.

This is not enough time.

I’ve been running around my apartment, one shoe on, one shoe off, making lunch while applying lip gloss, shoving my watch and earrings into my coat pocket, pulling on one glove instead of two, haphazardly tying my scarf while pinning up my hair–in short, I am exactly how I was in 2011: an absolute morning mess.

Now, I’ve been attempting to get up earlier since the dawn of time–I can’t remember a single instance where my alarm goes off and I am up and raring to go! And now that my apartment is actually a comfortable temperature, that annoying beeping just becomes an excuse to flip over and catch another 10 minutes of snooze time deep under my covers! But arriving at work looking like a frazzled psychotic person is not really the image I’m trying to portray to the people I work with! Would it really be so hard to wake up just a tad earlier if it set the tone for the rest of the day? I’ll give it a go…next week.

Things That Are Making 2011 Look Like 2010

2 Jan

On the bus ride to work today, I spilled coffee all over my face. This burn, which encompassed most of my left nostril, actually helped to even out the scalding burns from the  other 10 billion times I’ve done this. While I was dabbing off the dripping coffee and cursing under my breath, I realized that since 2011 started, perhaps things aren’t changing as instantaneously as I typically anticipate of the new year. Other such examples:

1. I sat at many red lights on the way home from work:This goes against my resolution to no longer sit at red lights on the way home from work.

2. I woke up late: I thought 2011 would be my year to actually GET UP when my alarm goes off. But it’s not.

3. People are still freakin idiots: Ok, so it is Saturday night, and people are nursing/adding to hangovers.  But it’s the new year! Shouldn’t all of these people have made a resolution to not be freakin idiots/take up the entire sidewalk/meander around like FREAKIN IDIOTS?

4. I still want to punch 90% of the world in the face: Yea, maybe I need to work on my patience a tad bit more…

See, this is the problem with New Years–you expect to wake up on January 1st and have this perfect, rectified life. All your faults gone, all of everyone else’s faults gone, all the little glitches in your life system magically smoothed out. This is probably why people don’t keep their resolutions, because it’s just too easy to slide back into the bad habits of yesteryear (well, actually, yesterday). But I haven’t bitten my nails since 2010, so I’m one for five baby!

I think I’m being too hard on myself….and the world. So it was almost like a sign when I saw this video and realized how small/unimportant my life really is. Nothing like an ego-smash to start your day.

Obvious but Necessary: A Resolutions Post

1 Jan

Ah, New Years. Where to begin? Should I reflect back, look forward….cry some more? No, definitely no more crying in 2011. I need to get a grip, hold myself up high, and focus on the good things in my life. Perhaps the glass of champagne that greeted me as I walked into work tonight can be the first of such positives?

Now of course, 2010 wasn’t a bad year. Challenging seems a more fitting phrase, but it had its share of good moments. I graduated from college, had a great internship which at the time exposed me to some pristine life-clarity, and made some new friends. I also learned a lot about myself–I have a penchant for road rage and breaking down into hysterical tears, have become an expert on managing life with constant, often crippling self-doubt, and realized my life’s work is better without that pesky second word. But the positives! We’re focusing on the positives. Let’s see….I made some money? Ugh, I give up.

Naturally, I love New Years, because I am the queen of the “fresh start.” Every Sunday signals a new week, every Monday a new work week, the first of the month, the first hour of the day….all of those times I get to wipe my slate clean, whip up another list and plow through my day. So my New Year’s Resolutions are like the ultimate list, and like every other bullet point scratched on a post-it, most of them never get done. But maybe this is my year. Positive. THIS IS MY YEAR. And so, my resolutions:

1. Travel: Maybe if I just stay out of the country long enough, I can come back and my life will be perfect.

2. Move out: After being informed by my father in a random, totally out-of-the-blue conversation that my sister has nabbed the  “favorite daughter spot for the 10th year in a row”, I think it’s time to scour Craigslist, buy a futon, and resume life as a poor, penny-pinching 20-something.

3. Stop biting my nails: Standard. For the past 22 years.

4.  Find a social life: Texting my friends once a week and having one-sided conversations with the radio DJ does not a social life make.

5. Move forward…or move on: So far, I’m six months into chasing my dream….and I haven’t gotten very far. Hopefully I can move up and far away from these overnight hours and trivial work and towards something I actually want to be doing. Not my dream job, but something within the wide net of it. If not, 2011 maybe the time to take a step back and re-route this road I’ve been stumbling down since May.

6. Wear more red lipstick and listen to jazz: 2011 is going to be a classy year for me, dollface. I’ll be pulled together, refined, and stylish. And everything will all work out.

So we shall see what this year brings. I’m visualizing perfect hair, a male model on my arm, and a car service taking me to and from work. Hey, can’t fault me for really, really trying to be positive.

Happy New Year everyone!!