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27 Feb

What. A. WEEKEND! I headed up to Vermont on Friday just as they were getting pummeled with a whopping 47 inches of snow! Despite the fact that it took 13 hours to get there, is was worth is when I was slicing and dicing my way down the slopes, the fresh air and winter sun on my face, with nary a care in the world! The weekend was so much fun, and it was much-needed after the past few weeks I’ve had at work!

Considering that I haven’t taken any time off since the holidays and every week since has been filled to the brim, it was becoming very apparent that I needed a change of┬áscenery. I was flustered and exhausted, and more scatter-brained than usual–all red-flags leading to vacation. And I know it was only three days, but it was enough to clear my head and give me a little break from the hustle of life lately. ┬áSure, I was dreaming of those powdery slopes today, but it wasn’t taking over every spare minute!

But only one day off probably won’t be enough to sate my craving for an extended break. While it’s nice to dust the cobwebs off and return fresh and focused, we’ll see how long that lasts! And with another few months until my summer vacation, I may be deploying those floating holidays sooner than anticipated!