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Play Ball, Put Down Players

1 Jul

tumblr_ljqer4GzR21qenpbbo1_1280Friday was the second softball game of our summer season, and like last year, we’ve lost both games! Obviously we should all stick to our day jobs before heading off to Yankee Stadium for mid-season draft…if that’s what it’s called? …Or even exists?

Yea, I really don’t know anything about softball and, unsurprisingly, am not very good. But what I lack in skills, I make up for in sheer enthusiasm for sport!  So what if I showed up to Game One in jeans and Keds; my team spirit was enough to propel me to first base….where I was promptly tagged out. And who cares if my weak over-hand throw dribbled across the diamond to no one in particular; the intention that it go whipping across home plate was visible in my excitement alone! But apparently that’s no longer enough for this team, as we’ve now moved from a fun afternoon in the park to a cut-throat, competitive game where batting practice is mandatory and I get skipped over in the lineup to “give the team a chance.”

Ouch. Even my perpetual sunniness was no match for that burn! But that’s exactly what someone said to me at the last game, and it took every fiber in my body to not spit my comically large wad of chewing gun in their face! Listen, it would be one thing if every person on the team was hitting slammers into the outfield, or making basket-catches and throwing heat. (Baseball lingo courtesy of mlb.com….) And unlike some people who strike out and still feel like they have the right to choose who bats and who doesn’t, for the sake of the team, I actually made contact with the ball twice. TWICE. Deal with that pal! Pretty soon, I’ll be taking my questionable softball skills and unfettered zeal off the field and to somewhere it will be appreciated!  Where that is exactly is yet to be determined…but wherever it is, it will be appreciated if it’s the last thing I do!


The Best Seat in the House

11 Sep

There are a few words I would use to describe myself, but “sports fanatic” is not one of them. Sure, I can be fanatical about some things, like say, collaging, or the particular configuration of my decorative sofa pillows, but about sports? Not so much. However, last night, I was TOTALLY INTO the US Open Men’s Tennis Final, so much so that I stayed at work until 9:30 PM just to watch it!

I don’t have a TV in my apartment, and when the match started at 4:30 PM, I figured they’d bang out the sets in a couple of hours and I’d be good to go! Four hours later, once the automatic blinds began dropping from the office windows and the lights started clicking off, they were just getting into the fifth set! At this point, I was literally the only person in the office, and was tempted to camp out in the conference room, where there is an enormous television hanging from the wall. But my fear of being caught by the cleaning crew with my feet up, combined with the eeriness of being in an empty office by myself, kept me hunched over my desk, an expense report open as a ploy!

Before the place cleared out, my enthusiasm over each amazing rally had to be stuffed inside, because a.) I was supposed to be working and b.) I didn’t want to bring out the wrath of my coworkers.  But once people went home, it was party time! It was such a good match, I was glued to the TV until the very end, cheering as each winning shot was slammed to the baseline and groaning when a bad one slapped against the tape! It was awesome! Yay, sports!

Hm, thinking about this in retrospect, I suppose it’s a testament to my vivid social life that this was how I spent my evening. Yikes…off to get a life now, or at least tickets to next year’s tournament!

Swing battah, battah!

5 Jun

Last Friday started the summer softball season at work! Not only did I play, I wasn’t totally horrible! It was a good day all around! I felt even better about myself once I saw another player run to first base with the bat still in her hand. Compared to that, I was Babe Ruth!

Of course, I was ridiculously nervous to play–I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a softball player. Or an athlete. Or someone with any sort of hand-eye coordination. When I told my loving family I’d be playing, they laughed at me, and then reminded me that this wouldn’t be a game played with a plastic bat and waffle ball. So supportive of my athletic pursuits!

But the hype surrounding the game came to a screeching halt on Friday morning, when I was suddenly the only one of my work friends going to the game! Then when we got to the field, we were greeted with the other teams warming up in coordinated uniforms, lobbing curve balls, and doing calisthenics in the outfield! Then we didn’t even have enough people to make the two full teams, and had to borrow a few players from our opponents to fill the roster! And then…the promised bubble gum was sour apple. Morale=LOW.

But once we started playing, the competitive spirit and lovely summer weather brought us our very first win! I played the outfield, and never even came near the ball, much to my relief. I also managed to make it to first base and bring someone home! All in all a success! Plus it was a good excuse to get a free hat and a two-hour lunch break!