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Spring Fever

6 May

Ah, the weather is so fabulous today! I stayed in the city again last night, so I was able to recreate the wonderful morning I had a few weeks ago…Ella Fitzgerald and all. The blue sky, perfect temperature and blooming flowers are such a welcome sight after months of dreary weather, and this morning’s walk made for a perfect start to the end of yet another hectic week!

Work has been totally insane the last few weeks, but I’m having a hard time focusing when the delightful scent of spring is in the air. I try to get outside for at least a half hour on my lunch break, but lately, that half hour has stretched into longer swaths of time spent basking in the rays of the great outdoors. This is when I really miss my pre-working life and the study breaks out on a lawn, the evening jog around the park….sigh. So much fresh air.

This weather has certainly cleared my head and lightened my mood. Despite rushing around work like a chicken with its head cut off and collapsing completely exhausted into bed at night, my time outside has become a midday palate cleanser. I have a little time to enjoy the weather and clear my head. And now that winter is finally over, the fear of slipping on a patch of ice and ruining my carefully selected outfit has been reduced significantly.

If only I could move my computer to the lawn at Central Park, then I’d really get to work….on a killer summer tan!