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Perpetually Vacating

8 Jul

travelAh, nothing like getting away for a few days! I headed up to the Catskills for the holiday weekend and had a super relaxing time–ate lots of salads (potato, macaroni and otherwise), enjoyed nature, and got tan! It was great to get out of the city for a few days and avoid the hell-fire that is my apartment and New York City lately!

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and that end came at 6:30 this morning, when my alarm went off and I began the slog back to the city from New Jersey. There to meet me and pour me coffee was my mother, who actually enjoys getting up at that hour for a reason I will never comprehend. And then my dad drove me to the bus, which drove me to the city, where I grabbed the subway home to change for work, then took a subway back to work, and then walked to the office! Phew….I’m already ready for my next vacation!

Sigh…it seems like a few days is never enough. A few months ago, I went on a vacation to Turkey, and after an amazingly relaxing and stunning escape, I thought my vacation dreams would be somewhat sated! But no such luck…not even 3 days later, I was back on Tripadvisor, scoping out fares! And after getting into work at 10 AM this morning, by 10:15 I was already booking my next weekend trip and had swiped my credit card for a jaunt to Atlanta! I guess that’s why we work, to pay to get away from it!


A Breath of…Air

9 Jul

Finally, sweet relief! This was the first day in over a week I haven’t been slumped over my desk, drained from the heat. I managed to get through the New York heat wave alive, but was completely exhausted everyday! Not only was I barely sleeping, but my five-block walk to work zapped any left over energy I had, leaving me lethargic and sweaty. It’s been awesome and extremely attractive.

When I moved to New York last November, I conveniently forgot that summer around here is pretty sweltering. But looking back, how could I have blocked out such hellish humidity? When I first started working, I was commuting during the hottest part of the day. I was also broke, and didn’t want to waste my gas, so I used to ride to and from the parking lot sans AC! The only saving grace from that hellish experience was the frigid temps of my office and the constant tears to cool my cheeks! Then, last summer, I sublet an apartment during August and spent the month with permanently wind-blown hair from the box fan I put an inch from my head! Heck, even when I first moved, my broken radiator was churning out enough heat to keep me sweating through the coldest months of the year! How quickly we forget!

But none of these served as a learning lesson on how to beat the heat this time around. I neglected to buy an air conditioner when they were on sale, and my one little fan spun its three little blades until the thing was practically smoking! But I’ve been too exhausted to do anything but fill a Ziploc bag with ice and stick it down my back before bed, which invariably melts, pops, and soaks my bed. And I wonder why I’m always in such a bad mood in the mornings!

Fortunately, it’s cooled off considerably since last week, and even though my apartment is stuffy, I actually slept with a sheet over my body for the first time in two weeks! It was nice to put my makeup on without throwing my liner on the floor and running for the fan before the sweat droplets exposed themselves across my brow! Ah, city living.

Summer on the Brain

22 Jun

Here is a list of things I feel like doing today:

1. Going to the beach

2. Eating ice cream

3. Swimming

And here is a list of what I don’t feel like doing today:

1. Working

2. Doing anything remotely productive

Ah, summer is here! Despite the fact I have a rather large to-do list today, my motivation is wavering pretty far down on the productivity scale! It’s like a switch went off in my brain the second the temperature started creeping up, any thoughts of work promptly replaced by play. This is my third summer out of school, so you’d think that at this point, I’d have less of a reaction to the summer=break equation. But alas, school lets out, and my mind is preoccupied by the tinkering of the ice cream truck and my next opportunity to work on my tan!

I wish I could still indulge in these summer joys, but I have a sizable amount of work that needs to get done. However, the toasty weather, the empty Friday office and the anticipation of my fun weekend plans are too distracting! I’ve been at work for two hours and have managed to get two things done, neither of which take an hour apiece! I need to clear my head….perhaps a trip to the gelato stand will get me back on track? Hey, it’s worth a shot!

Everyone: I HAVE A SUNBURN! We can move on now.

20 Jun

Apparently, I can no longer spend more than 5 minutes underneath the rays of the burning sun, because yesterday, in an attempt to eliminate my embarrassing farmer’s tan from a few weeks back, I instead burned every square inch of flesh not covered by a bathing suit to a deep red.

I look ridiculous. Aside from the overall lobster-eque coloring I’ve taken on, the back of my arms and legs are still pale, as is my neck. Because it’s approximately 9 million degrees out, I can’t really walk around in a turtle neck and jeans, which would be my only option in hiding my bizarre tan lines.

But obviously, sun burn is not some rare, never-before-seen skin disorder, and obviously, I’m fully aware of my ailment! Which is why the non-stop “OMG, look at your shoulders!” and “OMG, you’re red!” comments are not only getting annoying, but are also completely unnecessary. I was talking to a coworker this morning and I could have been reciting the Declaration of Independence, so engrossed was he in making faces over my rosy skin.

Everytime I talk to someone, they grimace in pain, unable to get over the fact that I’m the one that’s red! I seem to be eliciting sympathy pains in everyone I interact with! People’s complete bewilderment over my sunburn  makes it seem like I’m the only person in the world to ever roast in the sun a little longer than advisable. It’s summer. I am pale. I will burn.

I’m getting close to wearing a sign around my neck with the simple message: “I Know” with an arrow pointing to my face. But until then, I’m just going to continue slathering on Aloe Vera and looking into stores that carry high-necked caftans.