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Six Hour Chill

8 Jun

I’ve decided I can never leave for vacation in the middle of the week again! I’m off to sunny California for the weekend, and it took me almost the entire six hour flight to wind down from my extremely stressful and crazy week!

I blame it on the fact I planned this West Coast jaunt when I had nothing to do and my August vacation seemed painfully far away. But this is a surefire way to end a streak of boredom, and sure enough, I was almost immediately assigned to two new projects and have had smoke coming out of my ears for the past ten days!

The mounting pressure at work had me so tightly wound, you probably could have snapped me like a slingshot to Chicago! But after some zen breathing, quinoa, and quality time with Joni Mitchell, I’m getting into the California spirit! Plus, I hawked off the rest of my work on the new summer interns, so at least through Monday, I’ll be trading my New York nerves for some California calm!


Goodbye R&R!

30 May

Phew! What a week so far! I thought my post-three-day-weekend glow (or burn…) would last more than 15 minutes, but five minutes through the revolving office door and I was already crazy! The rest and relaxation I had experienced over the weekend was promptly shot to smithereens. After a maddening three weeks where I perused my way through countless blogs and articles, planned a trip to California, and bought way too many earrings from Forever21, I was looking for things to pick up…and as usual, I got what I asked for!

However, despite my lack of stress going into the weekend, it was still great to wind down. It’s really amazing what a difference that extra day makes! I soaked up the fresh mountain air and sun (and subsequently burned to a crisp), stoked my confidence by whopping my parents in tennis, and snacked on s’mores. It was great!

But that lovely zen feeling almost immediately dissipated when I got back to my apartment and spent the night tossing and turning in my scorching apartment. I finally fell asleep about fifteen minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off, and woke up an hour later! Not the way to ease into a week! Already frazzled (and frizzy), yesterday was a frenzy of phone calls, meetings and endless email chains. Today hasn’t been much different! Uh….when’s my next vacation???


27 Feb

What. A. WEEKEND! I headed up to Vermont on Friday just as they were getting pummeled with a whopping 47 inches of snow! Despite the fact that it took 13 hours to get there, is was worth is when I was slicing and dicing my way down the slopes, the fresh air and winter sun on my face, with nary a care in the world! The weekend was so much fun, and it was much-needed after the past few weeks I’ve had at work!

Considering that I haven’t taken any time off since the holidays and every week since has been filled to the brim, it was becoming very apparent that I needed a change of scenery. I was flustered and exhausted, and more scatter-brained than usual–all red-flags leading to vacation. And I know it was only three days, but it was enough to clear my head and give me a little break from the hustle of life lately.  Sure, I was dreaming of those powdery slopes today, but it wasn’t taking over every spare minute!

But only one day off probably won’t be enough to sate my craving for an extended break. While it’s nice to dust the cobwebs off and return fresh and focused, we’ll see how long that lasts! And with another few months until my summer vacation, I may be deploying those floating holidays sooner than anticipated!

My Mind is in the Mountains

23 Feb

This week is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! It’s really no surprise, because I am taking tomorrow off to go on a ski trip, something I planned a month ago when I figured my schedule would be clear. But with all the craziness of the past few weeks, projects have spilled over and now I’m buried in work when I should be buried in powder! It would’ve been nice to come into work today and tie up my loose ends before the long weekend, but instead I’m racing around, wondering when, if ever, I’ll be leaving tonight!

I’m just having a hard time focusing on the tasks at hand when my mind–and computer mouse–keep getting dragged back to Pictures of the Day posted on the mountain’s website! What is making things even more difficult is how INSANELY AWESOME this weekend is most definitely going to be. Contrary to the spring-like weather we have in New York right now, Vermont is still in winter mode. A snow storm is on the way, just in time to blanket the slopes with some fresh powder. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!! On Saturday morning, I’ll be cutting fresh tracks through the powder, blissfully far away from the work tasks that are currently hanging over my head. The only thing should be on my head at that point is a ski hat!

Good Night, Brooklyn

17 Aug

Tonight will be my last night as a subletter. It’s been a good run–the five weeks has absolutely flown by, and a vacation next week will be the perfect way to buffer my descent back into the little known 8th circle of hell: commuting from Northern NJ.

While living by myself certainly had its challenges–a roof leak in my room had me sleeping on the most uncomfortable futon ever made for more nights than I would have liked, and cleaning up after a cat wasn’t always a picnic,  it was great not having to deal with the slew of stresses and worries that typically congregate my psyche. Instead, I spent energy on hanging with friends, becoming more of a workaholic than I already was, and finding 100 different ways to cook the same exact food. It was nice not having to worry about getting into work on time, and I really didn’t miss the helplessness that accompanies bumper to bumper traffic through the Lincoln Tunnel at 9:47 am. I liked spending my nights taking after-dinner walks through Brooklyn, or a late-night yoga class, instead of on the highway…in my car. I enjoyed the lack of emotional melt-downs in my life and the occasional Sunday brunch. I just love being independent, and falling into the groove of life in New York City.

But alas, it’s all coming to an end, at least for now. Of course, I’m looking forward to moving back to my free room, with its free laundry facilities and free meals. It’ll be nice to save a few more paychecks and get back on board with my budget, which was thrown to the wind when I crossed that bridge. I’m just hoping I’ve stored up enough positive, peaceful yen to get me through the next few months.  And there’s always Craigslist when I’m feeling especially weak. Nothing like astronomical rents to remind me why I’m living at home until I have a permanent job!

Not Working Makes Me Impulsive

2 Feb

Another winter storm, another day trapped inside, another schedule put out where I’m only working two days. This morning, I reached the limit on my boredom and made a totally impulsive decision:


Yeaaaa. I’m crazy.

But here’s the thing: I can either sit on my sofa and not spend money, or travel to Europe and make the most of this free time. And currently, I have an obsession with traveling Europe and spending money, so it pretty much works out. Of course, I could’ve gone to the Catskills, or even Florida, but go big or go home is my motto now, apparently…

Obviously, I’m not going to be working two days a week for the rest of my life–contrary to my schedule, people in my profession actually do, uh, work.  Someday I’m sure it will be a struggle to find two days to even take off! In the mean time, I might as well have some fun!

So for now, I’m throwing caution to the wind and taking a bit of a leap! Isn’t this what young people do? Irresponsibly spend money, backpack through Europe, and then talk about that “crazy time” in their life? Well let’s hope so! And who cares!


Hey, at least I have the shoes for my trip!

I’d Forgotten That I’m 22…Until I Went to Canada

15 Jan

Yay, I’m young! After a fabulous vacation to Canada, I realized that contrary to my current lifestyle, I’m actually 22 years old and not a 45-year old spinster with a penchant for red wine and eye bags. How refreshing it was to hang out with people my age, dance the night away, wear denim, and drink bloody-Mary’s with dinner. Ok, so maybe that last one is more senior citizen than party animal, but they were 2 for 1, so why not, right?

It was just really nice to let loose this week. The past few months have been tough, and I’ve lost some of my sense of how to relax and have fun without dragging my stress into the picture. Plus, hanging out with college kids reminded me that I was there just six months ago, so I’m not as far from that time as it often seems.

Bottom line: I had a lot of fun this week! I skied a lot, met some really great people, watched silly movies, and most importantly, ate a really big crepe. I also stayed out late, got up early, and was generally pretty bad-ass. What I didn’t do was check emails, answer my phone, or stress and worry at all. All that Canadian air cleared my head big time.

Now that I’m back at work, I feel really refreshed. I’ve been busier today than I have in a while, and am ready to face the music: I need to work harder, speak up, and get what I want. I actually have a pretty good idea how I’m going to go about that, and it doesn’t include hysterical tears and venting through gangster rap on the way home.  Right now, my head is screwed on straight for the first time in a long time. I should have taken a vacation months ago!