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Beauty Queen

19 Jul

beauty salon_vintage_blog_chá_com_cupcakesI’m having some difficulties this week. I’m not talking in the emotional sense like usual, but more physically, by which of course I mean MY HAIR IS BECOMING A PROBLEM. This is because it’s approximately 100 degrees out, which is a level of heat my hair does not agree with. I’ve given up on wearing it down, since anything that comes in contact with the back of my neck will automatically burst into flames, and even attempting to style it when it’s up is useless, since it’s just so unbelievably humid! Instead, I’ve resorted to flipping my head over and gathering all my hair in a high ponytail. I briefly pretended that this style looked “sleek” and “fresh” like all the magazines say, and have now just accepted that looks “lazy” and “bad.”

And then there’s my face, which has rejected all applications of makeup after I emerged from the subway on Monday with mascara dripping halfway down my cheeks. I decided I’d adapt the more “natural” look which just really isn’t working for me. Plus, inexplicably, I have a scratch on the bridge of my nose that looks exactly like an errant Sharpie mark, so at least ten times a day, I’ve had to say, “Not Sharpie, it’s just my face this week” to curious coworkers.

Sheesh. If only the temperature would drop as much as my self-esteem has! I would say a trip to the salon would do the trick, but we all know how that usually turns out…


Summer on the Brain

22 Jun

Here is a list of things I feel like doing today:

1. Going to the beach

2. Eating ice cream

3. Swimming

And here is a list of what I don’t feel like doing today:

1. Working

2. Doing anything remotely productive

Ah, summer is here! Despite the fact I have a rather large to-do list today, my motivation is wavering pretty far down on the productivity scale! It’s like a switch went off in my brain the second the temperature started creeping up, any thoughts of work promptly replaced by play. This is my third summer out of school, so you’d think that at this point, I’d have less of a reaction to the summer=break equation. But alas, school lets out, and my mind is preoccupied by the tinkering of the ice cream truck and my next opportunity to work on my tan!

I wish I could still indulge in these summer joys, but I have a sizable amount of work that needs to get done. However, the toasty weather, the empty Friday office and the anticipation of my fun weekend plans are too distracting! I’ve been at work for two hours and have managed to get two things done, neither of which take an hour apiece! I need to clear my head….perhaps a trip to the gelato stand will get me back on track? Hey, it’s worth a shot!

Pocket Purge

8 May

The weather has been all over the place lately. It’s rained for a solid week, but the temperature has ranged from humid and gross out, to freezing and gross out.  While I have a past history of having no idea what to wear in these situations, I’ve been getting better at checking on the weather the night before.  It’s been a lot of switch-ups in terms of outerwear lately!

Listen, I am not a shopper or obsessed with clothes at all, but I have a lot of coats! I also love sticking things in my pockets, so my daily attire of a blazer along with the coat I wear into work gives me plenty of opportunity to fill those puppies up! With my four spring coats, a rain jacket, two windbreakers, six blazers and a cape, the sheer variety of pocket options means I have been misplacing a lot of stuff.

On any given day, I collect a variety of ephemera that ends up in my pockets: bobby pins, rubber bands, loose change, toothpicks, my metro card, pens, chapstick, my credit card, receipts, random slips of paper with inspirational quotes, and my work id. In a nutshell, this means that 90% of these items are typically in the pocket of a jacket I’m not wearing.

Since I’m apparently on a constant quest to better myself and my organizational habits, I guess this means I need to go through my pockets and locate my credit card (semi-important) and the post-it I carry around with “Dreams are like illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you” written down (extremely important…but also does not exist in real life).

Inappropriate Dressing

10 Feb

Today, I’m dressed very inappropriately…for the weather, that is! Every day, I find myself just off the mark when picking out my ensembles. Yesterday for example, I wore jeans and a short-sleeved blouse–no socks, no sweater–and it ended up snowing all day! Then today, to overcompensate, I wore long pants tucked into boots with ski socks, and a heavy sweater. Needless to say, I’ve been heavily sweating all day!

I seem to find it outside my realm of comprehension to check the forecast or look at a thermometer before getting dressed in the morning! I wear sweaters in the summer and tank tops in the winter, stockings on sunny days and bare legs during blizzards. And while my apartment is no longer hotter than the blazing depths of hell, it’s still pretty toasty in there, so more often than not, I’m under-dressing and regretting it for the rest of the day! But then there’s also my office, whose temperature fluctuates from cubicle to cubicle! One side of the floor could be warm, and the other side cold! Since I don’t usually spend my day sitting in the same place, this is quite the conundrum!  Frankly, no matter what I wear I’d be too cold or too hot in the span of a day!

Obviously, there are many viable solutions for this problem I seem to have. I could, for example, not dress like I’m going on an arctic expedition, ever. (Unless of course I’m actually going on an arctic expedition.) I could log onto this great little thing called the internet and check the weather forecast once in a while! I could also–and this is really a stretch–bring a sweater to work. But alas, this requires more thought and organization than I can muster in the mornings. The bottom line is that I end up wearing the first thing I lay my eyes on…who cares if it happens to be a summer dress when temps are below freezing! I consider myself lucky when I leave the house with clothes on at all! Now that would be inappropriate.

Dear God, Please Make it Sunny Again

28 Sep

Dear God,

Here’s the deal. I’m really, really, REALLY sick of this weather. My hair is sick of this weather. My summer/fall wardrobe is sick of this weather. It’s time for you to let the sun shine, and for the beautiful fall weather I adore so much to arrive. Last time I checked, I lived in Jersey, not the jungle.

I know I tend to ask you for a lot of silly things (like the time I begged you to make someone steal my car so I could collect the insurance money, or my daily prayers for a commute that’s less than two hours) but this is no joke. I am tired of the gray weather, the constant rain, and the disgusting humidity. Please God, make the sky turn that beautiful crisp blue and the thermometer drop below 65 degrees so I can wear my new tweed blazer. I look really good in that blazer.

Here’s the thing, God. People act really dumb when it’s raining, dumber than they usually do, if you can imagine that! (Of course you can…you’re God.) A rainy day means that people drive slower, make right hand turns slower, shift lanes slower…frankly it’s driving me insane. And then, when I finally get to the city, people are doubly preoccupied with the difficult task of holding an umbrella and walking at the same time! I hate to admit this, but more than once I have contemplated poking someone with the tip of my umbrella, which is rather sharp. Fine…I’ll admit I think about this a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

So God, please. Give me fall. Give me sun. Give me one day without frizzy, unmanageable hair.

Love always,


I Need a Hobby

7 Sep

Work has once again taken over my life. Now that I’m back to living at home, my day consists of commuting, work, and sleep. Sure, there might be time at 10 pm to fit in something a bit more substantial, but at 10 pm, does anyone really feel like doing anything?

Unfortunately, my week schedule seems to also plague my weekends. This past weekend, I played a few sets of tennis every day…and then spent the rest of it pretty much doing nothing. It’s like I’ve forgotten what I did when I wasn’t working. What did I do with all my free time in college? My summer vacations? My childhood? Can nothing interesting be salvaged to help fill my weekend idleness?

Of course, the weekend is meant to be used for relaxing, but at the end of the day, I look back and think, “Huh, I probably could’ve done a little more today.” I just don’t want to be some one-trick pony: workaholic…and that’s pretty much it. I need some hobbies, something to add to the extracurriculars people toss around in bars (which I never go to) and parties (which I also never go to.)

My past “hobbies” have included collaging every blank surface available to me (including a pair of high-heeled shoes), practicing my saxophone for an hour a day, and cutting bangs into my hair. More recently, my hobbies have included having mental breakdowns, trawling Craigslist for unattainable NYC real estate, and cutting bangs into my hair. Perhaps it’s time to mix things up a bit. I’m 23 years old, shouldn’t I be into cupcake decorating, or graffiti-art or something similarly hipster-like and cool?

I’m just feeling uninspired of late, and rather blah. It’s probably a combination of the endless rain that’s been drenching the Northeast (and my mood) and the general feeling that this whole “waiting for something better to happen” lifestyle is getting to hang out. I need some spice and pizzazz! I need some knitting needles and a conviction! I certainly need something, because my morning elevator rides where I recap my evening with a droll “I did nothing” isn’t doing me any favors.

Vacating My Vacation

30 Aug

After a relaxing six days of lounging on the beach, tanning by the pool, soaking up the sun, and flouncing in the waves, I returned from vacation only to get an ear infection, a 2nd degree blistering sunburn on my lower lip, and O YEA: There was a HURRICANE this weekend! All of this has led me to believe I should just stay on vacation, forever.

While both the ear infection and the blistering sunburn were painful, the prospect of me getting to work on Monday morning caused excruciating stress pains. Visions of a pleasant, albeit long, commute back to the city were quickly dashed when pretty much every imaginable road leading out of my town was shut down. I left at 7 am, hoping to catch a bus, only to find out buses were disabled, parking lots were flooded, and the “detour” was a U-turn back the way I came! Despite my valiant effort, I aborted my mission and spent my morning trolling the aisles of Wal-Mart restocking my underwear drawer. When there’s nothing else to do….buy underwear?

Unfortunately, the flood waters have yet to recede, and are just  devastating  enough to cripple any mode of mass transportation within an acceptable radius of my house. So I hopped in the car this morning at 7 am, sat in traffic til 8:45, made it to a mall with an operating park in ride, sat in more traffic going over the bridge, took a subway down to work, and kissed the floor that I made it in less than 3 hours. Four minutes shy of three hours, if you must know.

Now, I am officially a refugee, and will be spending the next few nights on my friend’s couch. Thank god (again) for my fabulous, wonderful, life-saving friends. Otherwise I’d be renting a mule, which is honestly the 2nd most practical choice at this juncture.