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Sunday (No) Funday

22 Oct

I haven’t had to work on the weekend in a while, and let me tell you, it’s been grand! I feel like I’ve paid my dues enough with my previous jobs, where I worked every single weekend and holiday for a solid year. Sure, there are people who have worked every weekend for twenty years, and I feel bad for them. Because working on the weekend is one of the most depressing things you can do with your life. The office is empty and dark, and you can’t avoid the constant online-updates of people apple picking or brunching or hanging out in the park and generally having way more fun than you!

I love my weekends now, because I appreciate the break. But when I was in college, I wasn’t such a huge fan, because everyone just slept right through them! I, on the other hand, was incapable of sleeping past 10 am, and would spend the weekend waiting around for someone to go to a museum with me! But now that I don’t have as much free time during the week (and more awake friends) weekends are so lovely! And knowing the type of week I have coming up, I was looking forward to a relaxing one, but as usual, work had other plans! I worked all day on Sunday, and stayed later than I do on a normal weeknight!

Obviously, this was not my initial plan. I had planned to come in for a few hours to get a head start on things. I didn’t expect to see anyone, or talk to anyone, which is why I basically wore my pajamas and no make-up. This alone should have been a sure-fire sign that I would be interacting with someone other than my computer mouse, and sure enough, not even five minutes after sitting down, I ran into my boss! The rest of the afternoon just involved me hiding from her and trying to get my work done as quickly as possible while avoiding the urge to go to Sephora and use all their makeup samples. But before I could even do that, I saw three other people I knew! Where was the office quiet I had dreaded just hours before?!

When I finally left last night, it was under the cloak of darkness–both of the night and from the shirt I put over my head so no one else could see me! I’ve never been more excited for a Sunday to end!


So Late It Was Early

26 Mar

Why I continue to freak out over my boredom at work is beyond me, because it always comes back to slap me straight across the face with a whopper of a week! Last week set a new record for work-latedness, when I left through the revolving doors at 3 A.M. Yes. Read that again. 3 A.M. This was after I declined seeing the midnight showing of The Hunger Games because I was afraid I would get home too late and be tired the next day. Silly me. Silly, silly me.

So what exactly is there to do until 3 AM at the office, you may ask? Fortunately, enough to keep me awake! I logged interviews, pulled pictures, worked on graphics….my to-do list never waned! And it was a good thing, because otherwise my brain would have internally combusted and I would’ve been caught snoring on my keyboard! There were also a lot of whispered conversations with my colleagues along the lines of “WHEN IS THIS DAY GOING TO END I NEED MY FREAKIN BEAUTY SLEEP!”

I love my job because it’s so varied and everyday brings something new, but the downside is that you can absolutely never anticipate what that new thing is going to be, and how late it’s going to keep you at work! We were all running on fumes and copious amounts of caffeine on Friday, and between freaking out about the bags under my eyes and the to-do list that kept growing until the last possible second, this was certainly the most overwhelming week since starting here. But as usual, the payoff was so gratifying and my adoration of the people and the work we do was enough to keep me awake until 7:30 when we could go home. I then promptly hopped in a cab and passed out until I got to my front door!

Finish Line

21 Feb

The great poet Ice Cube summed up my week last week pretty nicely: “Life ain’t a track meet, it’s a marathon…” And while I didn’t burn as many (if any at all) calories working as I would have if I had run a marathon, it was certainly a bit of a slog! I think I was getting less than 5 hours of sleep a night towards the end of it, I had the same humus wrap for dinner for five nights straight, and my mental playback of Whitney songs made me a human karaoke machine! Give me the first note and I was wailing away, much to the chagrin of the producer I was working with….

But when Friday night rolled around, the euphoria of finishing such a huge show in such a limited amount of time cast a nice wave of relief over everyone. We sat around eating pizza and swapping stories until we were goodnighted, but even then people were hesitant to leave. What were we supposed to do now?! Obviously, I immediately hit the town and partied it up like the hip and crazy night owl I am…..that is a lie. I actually went home and immediately hit my bed and fell asleep. It may or may not have been 9:30 at this point. I have no shame!

Now is the brief but enjoyable time when people are hiding in their cubes, praying for world peace and no more deaths, at least for the next week or so. And since our show did so well, they brought in free breakfast this morning! This is something I could live with: work 60 hours a week for a semi-3-day weekend and a free bagel on Tuesday morning! I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be ready to jump back into it–give me more than 6 hours of free time and I’m ready to suit up for another crazy run.

A Very Long Day

8 Dec

What a day! I just got home from work–it’s midnight, and I got in at 8 am! Do the math…that’s like two work days in one, serving as a monster, crazy-busy, ah-WOAH span of time! It’s been awhile since I had such a whopper of a day, and this has been an accelerating week of craziness. Monday started off with one project on the pike, Tuesday added another, Wednesday another….until today I was saddled with 4 different projects, working with 4 different groups, with one message: ALL OF THIS IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT AND NEEDS TO BE DONE ASAP!

Usually, I am a pretty fast worker. Put my mind to something, and I can knock it out in no time. But when my mind is being plied to act quickly, it freezes up and I can barely think straight. It’s hard to think through a single task when you have five others fighting for top billing, so I spend precious moments at the start trying to gather my thoughts. Once the fog clears and I make my lists and take some breathes, I’m good to go! And of course, you do get a lot done over the course of fifteen and a half hours, so at least there’s that.

My favorite part of a busy day is when everything finally clicks, and I really start to crank it out. Ask and you shall receive! Send and I will deliver! Tell me to jump and I’ll say how high! …I think you get the point. But at the end of the day, I can go to bed knowing I earned my keep. There is not a single item left uncrossed on my expansive to-do list. Yay journalism!

Of course, my second favorite part of a busy day is when I finally get home and promptly pass out from sheer exhaustion. Who cares that I’ll be up in less than eight hours to do it all over again! But no more thinking…time for sleep. That’s something my brain can focus on.


28 Oct

Today ends the longest swath of time I have worked consecutively….a whopping twelve days in a row! This officially takes my workaholic status to new heights.

It’s been an intense twelve days! Last week was spent in a manic haze making never-ending arrangements for my business trip, the weekend was spent praying to God all those arrangements took flight, and this week has been spent making more arrangements for different projects, while working on two others at the same time. No surprise, I’m tired and am getting a cold. I might even have a fever. Sigh.

Listen, I love my job, but twelve days of it is a little much. Sometimes I find the weekends a little boring, but now every minute of this day is dragging! I can’t wait to get home, put on my pajamas, and not move from the couch. I can’t wait to do my laundry! (And neither can my coworkers….) I can’t wait to eat a meal that’s not microwaved!

The crazy thing about this job is that I will spend the next two weeks running around like a maniac working to get our project to air, and then will promptly spend the following two weeks twiddling my thumbs. I’ll be aching for the frenetic pace of my days now, ready to pounce on any task that’s handed over. But right now, I just want to sleep in past 7 am. Please. That’s all I want. And of course a non-traumatizing Friday-night commute. Now that  may be too impossible a feat.

Sunday, Funday….Workday? (Part 1)

18 Jul

Not that long ago, there was a time when I worked every single weekend of every single month, for almost a year straight. It was horrible. Now that I have weekends off, I’ve come to embrace the luxury of seemingly endless free time. But yesterday, I did have to work, and it was really great, mostly because I was on yet another business trip!

This time I headed up to New Hampshire for an interview that I got to do on my own! I was totally excited for several reasons:

1. Getting free things: a flight to Boston and a rental car

2. Getting to pretend I was Diane Sawyer: my idol and the reason behind 99% of my career choices

The trip started out smoothly enough–I was relieved to find a normal car had come to pick me up after mis-hearing him say “Your limo is waiting outside.” Despite my daydreams about being a famous person, I am not actually a famous person and don’t think my boss would have been to pleased about that particular expense!  But I arrived at the airport early, the flight left on time,  they served snacks, I had coffee and we touched down shortly after. Then it was off to the rental car place.

Because there was a line and I was essentially paranoid the entire day about being late, I did an automatic check in. And because I am stupid, I did not get a GPS. Being the directionally challenged lady that I am, I drove approximately 500 feet before realizing I was heading in the wrong direction. Do you understand how directionally challenged you have to be to get out of an airport parking lot?? But I did a U-turn, and then another U-turn, and then I idled at the stop light, looked over my written directions and managed to finally make the correct turn to head on my merry way.

Now, as a driver from New Jersey, I am used to being told miles in advance about an upcoming exit. I am used to seeing enormous detour signs every five feet until the detour. I am used to highway lanes. I am used to being fully aware of what highway/route/direction I’m going because of clearly labeled markers. People in Massachusetts don’t really seem to follow this creed. There was an area called a rotary, which is a large circle with various turnoffs on either side. There were  literally no lanes, cars swerving and veering every which way, and pedestrian crossings at the sharpest curves. I saw the sign for the turnoff for US1 once, and it was about the size of a postage stamp. It was ridiculous.

But amazingly, I made it to I95 in one piece, and started cruising with the music blasting.  I was really just loving life, loving my job, loving the fact that I made it to I95 without having to call my dad. I was even enjoying the radio station I was listening to, which is rarer than the rarest rarity. I was singing along to “Hotel California” people! It was great.

And then I got to New Hampshire.

I Promise I Have Not Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

9 Jun

Despite my sporadic posting over the past several weeks, I have not:

a. Been a victim of one of my commuting fantasies
b. Quit my job and therefore have nothing else to share
c. Gotten a new haircut and, too ashamed to do anything, have been hiding under the covers of my bed
d. Fallen off the face of the earth

No, instead, I have been chained to my desk for the past two weeks straight, working on project after project while simultaneously attempting to fit in dinners with friends, birthday and graduation parties, face time with my parents, showers, meals and a few hours of sleep.

I am rather exhausted. But, as I’ve said during bouts of boredom, I like being busy. Perhaps that sentiment has been taken to the extreme, but I’ve never felt more confident at work nor have ever eaten as much cereal for dinner as I have over the past several weeks! Sounds like a win win to me!

But I have so much to tell and blog about, so when things finally calm down, be ready for an onslaught of posts! When that will be happening is still undecided, but it’s happening, so get ready.